Vampire Societies.
People who have a strong interest in a particular field, will often seek out other like minded indaviduals to compare notes, share ideas and make new friendships. Those people interested in Vampires are no exception, and there are hundreds of groups and societies around the world dealing with all aspects of the Vampire genre.

Below are listed the contact details for a few such societies. If you are in a group or society not listed below, and would like your society to be added to the list. Email pendragon@penddraig.co.uk giving your groups name, details, and contact information.

The Vampyre Connexion.
The Vampyre Connexion was formed in 1998 following the demise of the Vampyre Society. We wish to bring together all those interested in the Vampire genre for fun, fantasy, and friendship.

The Vampyre Connexion produces a journal "Dark Nights" which is largely made up of members' contributions. If you would like to know more write to:-

The Membership Secretary
10 Ravensbourne Mansions
40 Berthon Street
Greenwich SE8 3EB
United Kingdom.

(use an S.A.E!)
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The Vampire Research Society.
The Vampire Research Society formed as a unit within the now defunct British Occult Society in 1967. Gaining its autonomy on 2 February 1970 it soon became Britain's longest established and most effective investigative organisation for vampirological research. It also publishes books and reports under its imprint Gothic Press which produces audio cassettes from the VRS archive.

Contact: International Secretary, Dennis Crawford

Vampire Research Society,
PO Box 542,
N6 5FZ

E-mail: vampireresearchsociety@gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk
URL: www.gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk
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The Whitby Dracula Society.
The Whitby Dracula Xociety was formed in 1994 as a response to requests for a society based around Whitby's Dracula Experience. Renamed as The Whitby Dracula Society, it is now the largest society for Vampirophiles in the United Kingdom.

Membership costs 13 per annum, for which you will receive quarterly newsletters, an enamel badge and the opportunity to attend numerous social events including the now world famous annual Vamps and Tramps ball.

For more details please write to:

Angela Woodcock,
The Whitby Dracula Society,
P.O. Box 51,
YO21 1YS

Tel: (01947) 821546
Mobile: 0836 379581
Email: whitbydraculasociety@yahoo.com
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The Highgate Vampire Society.
"The Highgate Vampire Society" is a London based organisation, founded by occult researcher David Farrant, who is president of the British Psychic and Occult Society. The society brings out a brilliant newsletter: "Suspended in Dusk". The newsletter's editor Kev Demant is well known to many of us from the times when he still published the now legendary VAT newsletter. And the incredibly talented Chrissie Demant is responsible for the magnificent artwork plus all those truly hilarious cartoons. As they put it themselves:

For membership details, subs and rates,
you can get in touch with the Society
through the following address:

The Highgate Vampire Society
P.O.Box 1112
London N10 3XE

Please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope (within the UK)
or an International Reply Coupon (when writing from abroad)
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