From the beginning of time History has record the names of Vampires. In the most cases they were the fictional names like that of Dracula. But then even Dracula was based on a real person. Vlad the Impaler.

Below are listed some more famous people with a taste for blood in one way or another. And all of them were real life people and not a character from some piece of fiction, although several of them have been featured in books and films. They all lived!

Vlad Tepes.
[Vlad Tepes]
Born in 1431 in Transylvania. Vlad was Prince of Wallachia, an ancient kingdom, now part of Romania. He carried the double surname of Tepes (the impaler), and Dracula (a derivation of Dracul, his fathers name, meaning devul/dragon). Vlad was both a national hero who fought courageously to free his land from Ottoman invaders and a blood-thirsty tyrant whose favourite form of torture was to impale his victims on stakes. These exploits made him a legendary character, and his name has become synonymous with the modern vampire myth.

Bram Stokers book "Dracula" and the countless "Dracula" films, are all based on Vlad Tepes.
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Elizabeth of Bathory
Opinions vary as to how many women were slaughtered by Countess Bathory. Some say three hundred - others claim it is more like six hundred. Sufficient to say that this psychotic middle-aged noblewoman, widow of the Count Nadasay, killed hundreds of young girls by draining them of their blood by various methods.
Bathory's psychotic mania was connected with her own beauty. She believed that the blood of virgins would act as an excellent skin conditioner and she literally bathed in their blood.

The Hammer Horror file "Countess Dracula" was based on Elizabeth of Bathory
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Gilles de Rais
[Gilles de Rais]
Gilles de Rais was in the amazing position of being both a national hero and an archetyple villan.
Gilles spent five years comminting the most incredible crimes of child murder and sodomy. Gilles also indulged in alchemy and sorcery - pursuits that were inextricably linked with the murder of hundreds of children. He kidnaped, raped and dismembered both young boys and girls. The emphasis was on the boys, for Gilles was a rampant homosexual, using his religion as a kind of asthetic sensuallity. Having lured the children into the castle he and his courtiers would set upon them, abusing them sexually and finally murdering them in the most horrible way. Afterorgies involving massive blood-letting Gilles would retire to bed, seemingly in a state of coma - and would return to the carnage with renewed ferocity.
What caused this young Marshal of france to change from a national hero to a monster is difficult to define. There is no doubt that he had led a violent life during which, in the cause of nationalisum, he slaughterd hundreds. Perhaps Gilles found it impossible to give up shedding blood.
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Countess Misty
A couple once wrote to me and told me they
needed a pair of vampire's eyes so that they
could rule the world. They said that if I
didn't send them my eyes in two weeks, they
would come and get them. Did they really
think I'de be stupid enough tp pluck out my
eyes and send them to them? How could I see
to address the box if I didn't have my eyes?

Countess Misty is possibly one of the most famous of todays "Vampires", she has appeared on TV chat shows and even in books on Vampires. She is no person from history but a living breathing person of the 20th Century. She is not locked up in any Mental instatute, but is living free in America. She is also the leader and creator of the "Lost Shadows Gang" which is a group of Blood drinkers.
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They love the night; they drink blood; they want to meet you... Real Vampires do exist and Bloodlust tells their complete, shocking story.
On screen, from Bela Lugosi to Gary Oldman, the Dracula myth has fascinated millions. Some pople, though, feel compelled to live out their dark fantasies and actually become vampires themselfs
One woman believes that blood-drinking cures her anaemia and keeps her young - if she can't find a donor she will even gnaw her own arm. Another devotee, a man, compares the pleasur of blood-drinking to orgasum, describing the taste as 'the best in the world'. Fear of AIDS proves little deterrent, though one vampire interviewed here claims to abstain from 'one night bites'.
Unbelievable but true, Bloodlust charts a remarkable journey through a sinister obsession

This is a great book. Carol Page has looked into the subject well, and interviwed a selection of people who claim to be vampires...
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