Question: Can you catch AIDS or other infecious blood disease's from drinking blood?
Hematologists say the chances of contracting any kind illness, including AIDS, from drinking tainted blood are practically nil, since the stomach acid competely destroys these viruses. A small nick in one's mouth or gums that or gums that tends to bleed, however, does give the blood direct access to the drinker's bloodstream. It is possible to become infected that way, although, doctors insist, not likely.

Question: Do you have to drink blood from someone with the same blood group as you?
NO. The only time blood groups are taken into account are in 'transfusion' since blood drinkers only drink blood and do not inject it, it makes no difference as to what the blood group it is.

Question: I believe they have found a disease that mimics a Vampire. Is this true?
You are probably refering to porphyria. Of all the disorders and diseases even loosely linked to vampirism, the most bizarre must be porphyria. It is a rare hereditary blood disease; its symptoms so closely match the myths associated with our modern conception of vampirism it's eerie. (see the Vampiric Medical Facts.)

Question: Can I have an address of a Vampire in my Area?
NO! So don't even bother asking.. Believe it or not, but there are people out there that would not think twice between hammering a stake into the heart of a blood-drinker.. Or just locking them up in some asylum.. so I don't hand out names and addresses of anyone I may have spoken to. Unless there is a very valid reason!!!!

Question: Are vampires real or that's just our imagination?
Depends on your definition of "Vampires", if you are just refering to blood-drinkers who call themselfs vampires, then YES they do exist. I have met some. But if you are refering to the Lestats and draculas of fiction well i can only quote Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1788) 'If ever there was in the world a warranted and proven history it is that of vampires.'

Question: Is it to impossible to actually believe real vampires(in the sense of an undead blood drinkers) exist?
As mentioned in the Jean-Jacques Rousseau quote in the above answer, The vampires have such a long and well documented history, it would be foolish to totally disbelieve them. But like everything science cant understand, it gets called a myth, a story and therfore it is not true. But science can not explaine how a bee flys.. or how a helicopter gets off the ground. So there are definatly things in ou r world that scienace just has no answers for..

Question: IS a Vampire an Immortal being? If so does a vampire age at all?
In Vampire Mythology, The Vampire is a dead, but reanimated corpse. So since the body of the vampire is dead, it does not age, since only living cells grow and age. In this sense Yes. Vampires from mythology and Fiction are Immortal beings. But some f iction has them as just living much longer lifespans than the normall human.

Question: Why would someone want to drink blood?
People drink blood for different reasons. Vampires from mythology needed fresh blood to keep alive. And some modern Blood drinkers who believe themselvs to be "Vampires" drink blood for the same reason. Other modern day Blood drinkers, drink blood beca use they like the tatse, or they find it very erotic/sexual, or they love the feeling of power they get when a doner lets them cut and drink their blood. So as you see Different People have different reasons why the drink blood. And if you think about it, most mothers have drunk blood at some point in their life, when kissing their childs cut better..

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