Vampire's in litrature (Books)
The Number of books that feature the Vampire is immense. It seams everyone likes writing about them. It doesnt matter if its a plain horror like Stokers "Dracula" and Kings Salems Lot", or a comedy story like Courtney's "Vampire Beat", a romance like Bergstrom's "Blood Rites", Historical like Newmans "Anno Dracula", or just a dark brooding masterpiece like Rice's "Vampire Chronicels"...

But Whatever the Type of book, one thing remains we all love a good Vampire Story... and a few such books are listed below, with a short description..

Bram Stoker.

First published in 1897, and is the most famous of all tales of Vampirisum. The story is told through the diaries of a young solicitor, Jonathan Harker, his fiancee Mina, her friend Lucy Westenra, and Dr John Seward, the superintendent of a large lunitic asylem at Purfleet, in Essex. It begins with Harker's journey to Count Dracula's eerie castle in Transylvania, in connection with the Count's purchase of Carfax, an ancient estate adjoining Dr Seward's asylum. After various horrifying experiences as an inmate of the castle, Jonathan makes his way to a ruined chapel, where he finds 50 great wooden boxes filled with earth recently dug from the graveyard of the Draculas, in one of which the Un-Dead Count is lying, gorged with blood. These boxes are shipped from Varna to Whitby and thence to Carfax. Dracula disembarks at Whitby in the shape of a wolf, havig dispatched the entire ship's crew en route, and proceeds to vampirize Lucy who, despite multiple blood transfusions and the occult precautions of Dr Seward's old teacher Professor Van Helsing, dies drained of blood but remains Un-Dead untill staked throught the heart. The rest of the book tells of the attempt to save Mina from Dracula's insidious advances and of the search for the boxes of earth, his olny refuge between sunrise and sunset. All but one of these are neutralized with fragments of the host. The last, with Dracula in it, is followed by Van Helsing and the others back to Transylvania where, after a thrilling chase, the Count is beheaded and stabed through the heart, at which his body crumbels to dust.
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The World on Blood
Jonathan Nasaw.
'Life without blood isn't worth living:
who threatens my blood, threatens my life...'

Imagine that you've discoverd a drug better than anything you've ever dreamed of, a drug so potent, so seductive that you're willing to give up everything - even daylight - to satisfy your craving. Imagine that the drug is nothing less than human blood.

Jonathan Nasaw's stunningly original novel introduces us to a group of contemporary 'blood addicts' in Nortern California. For twenty years, under the leadership of the charasmatic and cheerfully immoral multimillionaire James Whistler and the erstwhile intelligence officer and horror novelist Nick Santos, these modern-day vampires have been satisfying their boundless thirst for blood.

For Nick, the side effects of his addiction at first seem a small price to pay for the intense high, the increased physical powers ans sensory perception and, most of all, the incredible sexual experiences that blood provides. But as this fast-paced and gripping story unfolds, Nick's craving for blood leads to madness and murder: he resolves to end his addiction and to persuade the others to follow him down the twelve steps to sobriety - by any means necessary. Then Whistler makes a resolution of his o wn. With the aid of a coven of very modern witches, he weaves a web of eroticism and seduction desinged to ensnare Nick and his followers and return them, once and for all, to the glorious world of blood.

With wicked wit and great style, Jonathan Nasaw has given the vampire myth amazing new dimensions and created in the process a fascinating dark world of sex and blood - where the ultimate tale of passion and horror plays itself out with harrowing, spellbi nding fascination.
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The Vampire Chronicles
Anne Rice.
Interview with the Vampire
In a darkend room a young man sits telling the macabre and eerie story of his life...
the story of a vampire, gifted with external life, cursed with an exquisite craving for human blood.
This vampire is Louis and its his story.

The Vampire Lestat
Lestat: a vampire - but very much not the conventional undead, for lestat is the truly alive. Lestat is vivid, ecstatic, stagestruck, and in his extravagant story he plunges from the lasciviousness of 18th century Paris to the demonic Egypt of prehistory; from fin-de-siecle New Orleans to the frenetic 20th century world of rock superstardom - as, pursued by the living and the dead, he searches across time for the secret of his own dark immortality.

The Queen of the Damned
After 6,000 years of horrifying stillness, Akasha, mother of all vampires and Queen of the Damned, has risen from her sleep to let loose the powers of the night.
But her monstous plan for ruling the worlds of the living and the undead must be stopped before she destroys mankind, and it falls to the evil vampire Lestat to fight her all-encompassing evil - for it is he who callanged her power by waking her from sleep.

The Tale of the Body Thief
Vampire-hero, rockstar and seducer of millions, Lestat is an immortal extraordinair...
But Lestat yearns to be reborn a mortal. Tormented to the depths of his vampire soul he wanders aimlessly across the globe, from Amsterdam to the Amazon jungle, untill he meets the one being who can grant him his wish. He is the Body Thief, more sinister and evil than any daemon. But when Lestat surrenders his vampire body he discovers what he'd so long ago forgotten: the awkwardness and anguish of being human....

Memnoch the Devil
The Vampire Lestat - monster, outsider, hero-wanderer - is snatched from this world to face his most extaordinary adversary ever in Anne Rice's darkest and most daring novel to date. HIs guide - Memnoch, the Devil, who takes him on a tour of Creation and leeds him into the mythical worlds we must all one day confront - the very realms of Heaven and Hell.
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Anno Dracula
Kim Newman.
With a vampire in the Royal Family, Victorian London enters a savage new era.
It is 1888 and the Widow of Windsor has remarried, taking as her new consort the Wallachian Prince infamously known as Count Dracula. London is awash with parvenu vampires who are sucking the capital into a frenzy of terror. But deep in Whitechapel, a murderer who signs himself 'Jack the Ripper' is viciously cutting down vampire girls and threatening the very stability of the new regime...

This book is written from the prespective of Dracula winning in the Bram Stoker novel..
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The Don Sebastian Vampire Chronicles
Les Daniels.
"With an accomplished hand, Les Daniels turns back the bloodstained
pages of history to reveal new horrors, man-made and supernatural
The Black Castle
The Spanish Inquistion: Europe is lit by the human bonfires of religous fanaticism and blood-drinker Don Sebastian de Villanueva is sikend by the screams and suffering. But even the undead may be powerless to prevent the human horrors of a new Dar k Age.....

The Silver Skull
16th Century Mexico: When the silver skull of Don Sebastian falls into the hands of an Aztec cult, an unholy alliance is formed between the resurrected vampire wizard and a virgin priestess in the search for a legendary treasure....

Citizen Vampire
The French Revolution: Heads roll and the streets of Paris are awash with blood. Already horrified by man's inhumanity, Don Sebastian is summoned back into this dark chaos. But even he has seen nothing to match the new terrors of a populace gripp ed by a blood-lust greater than his own....
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The Eternal Battle
Keith Gouveia.
Homicide Detective Mike Caisse thought he saw it all until the day a supernatural creature came to his jurisdiction. Upon witnessing the birth of a vampire, Mike’s grip on reality slips away, but he is in more danger then he realizes. For the master vampire has seduced his wife and their unholy affair has given birth to a hybrid son. In a failed attempt to save his wife from becoming a vampire, Mike loses a dear friend but gains custody of the half-human half-vampire boy who is aging at an alarming rate.

When Mike’s wife is reborn as a creature of the night she seeks vengeance upon Mike and looks to reclaim her son. She inadvertently bestows a horrific curse on Mike throwing him into the path of darkness.

The Eternal Battle is a gripping tale that will draw you in with characters that will touch you. Whether it is love or hate, the characters will force you to feel for them.
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Vampire Beat
Vincent Courtney.
As a homicide cop, Detective Chris Blaze has one major advantage -
He's already Dead

The streets of Miami are hot with sleaze and sin. And nobody knows those streets better than homicide detective Christopher Blaze. Or so he thought...

As an undercover cop, it was his job to bust the creatures of the night - not become one of them. But sometimes even the best cops turned and no one suspected, not their captains, not their girlfriends, not even their partners.

Now Chris Blaze is working the graveyard shift, hunting a centuries-old serial killer leaving behind a trail of beautiful young victems. For another vampire is stalking the hot miami night and this time Blaze has nothing to lose but his immortal soul!

Great book. Verry funny while still keeping a good plot and the readers interest... Well worth the read!!
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Kendal Grahame.

Waking from a two-hundred-year sleep the luscious Demonia and her willing acolyte Sinitia find themselves in modern London, and immediately beging to prowl the streets in their hunt for prey. They are vampires, and hunger to suck the life from strong, yo ung victems of both sexes.

But these vampires don't drink blood. The essence they seek can be drawn only from those in a state of erotic arousal. And the delicious bodies and exciting wiles of Demonia and Sinitia are enought to arouse everyone they meet.

Doctor Alex Tankard, the descendant of the witchhunter who destroyed Demonia's vampire coven, is happy to make amends and help to satisfy the vampires' hunger. Demonia, Sinitia and thier converts all combine - in a variety of interesting ways - to defeat the blood-sucking Baron Mansola, an evil undead aristocrat who is determined to enslave Demonia.
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Love in Vein
Edited by Poppy Z Brite.
Beyond the thrill of desire
Lies the ecstasy of Hunger..

A vampire who feeds on something far more intimate than blood
A legendary sexual dismemberment performed on stage
A boy introduced to the sweetest pleasures of Hell

The classic horror tale is about fear. But now there is a controversial new litrature of the macabre that goes deeper than horro, beyond fear, to explore our darkest, most intimate hungers. The ones even lovers are forbidden to share.

Acclaimed dark fantasy author Poppy Z. Brite has brought together this new genre's most powerful and seductive authors in an original collection of vampiric erotica, a shameless celebration of unspeakable intimacies. It is not for everyone. But neither is the night.
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