Stay Alive

A group of young people in New Orleans stumble upon a frightening video game called Stay Alive, the game details the grisly true story of a 17th century noblewoman known as "the blood countess." A chilling connection is made when the gamers are murdered in the same method as the character they played in the game. As the game world seeps further into the real world, the group must defeat the vicious and merciless Blood Countess, all the while trying to... Stay Alive.
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Say what you like about the makers of horror films, they generally have a nose for the seediness of teenhood -- the smeared crash pads, the snotty talk, the festering hormones.

In "Stay Alive," a cheap 'n' cheerful slasher flick/promo clip for a video game that hasn't been released yet (it must be in the works), writer/director William Brent Bell demonstrates once again the genre's deep and sincere affinity for time-wasting adolescents.

A cabal of Red Bull-crazed online gamers in pre-Katrina New Orleans get their hands on an illicit preview copy of a new game called Stay Alive. Only slightly perturbed that entry into the gameworld seems to require the recital of a ghastly incantation, the gang start thumbing their joysticks and making merry with their weapons. They say things like "Let's skip this [expletive] cinematic foreplay!" They are greasy-looking, sweaty; one of them is wearing a vest that says "Who Farted?"

Always the way in horror flicks: These first scenes, when the characters are being tenderly established and the concept is still young, are the best.

The naughty game is themed around the bloody deeds of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory, famed slaughterer of virgins. Zombie girls come groping across the flagstones, and the Countess occasionally makes a cameo with a lethal pair of scissors. Oh yeah -- the last bunch of kids who played the game all got massacred, hung upside down, and "drained of blood."

Well, you'll never guess what happens.......

........................And if you can't guess, Go see the Film (Opeining UK on 28th July)